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APL England shipping container loss off New South Wales



APL England shipping container loss off New South Wales. Image: Wikimedia/ Bahnfrend
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AMSA is responding to an incident involving the loss of about 40 containers overboard from the Singapore-flagged container ship APL England off the New South Wales coastline.

The incident happened just after 6.10am AEST (Sunday 24 May) when the ship experienced a temporary loss of propulsion during heavy seas about 73 kilometres south east of Sydney.

At the time, the ship was on a journey from Ningbo, China to Melbourne, Australia.

The ship’s power was restored within a few minutes but during this time the ship reported that it was rolling heavily, causing container stacks to collapse and 40 containers to fall overboard in waters about 2km deep.

The Master of the APL England has reported that an additional 74 containers have been damaged and remain collapsed on the deck of the ship, while a further six containers are reported to be protruding from starboard side and three containers from the port side of the ship.

The ship has turned around and is now heading toward Brisbane, Queensland. AMSA will be inspecting the ship, once the destination Port has been confirmed, upon its arrival.

AMSA’s Challenger jet was tasked overnight to look for containers and debris in the water and inspect the ship for any signs of damage or pollution. Some containers were spotted in the water however efforts were hampered by bad weather and poor visibility. The ship has not reported any damage to the hull.

The Challenger has returned to the ship today, currently located 20km east of Byron Bay, to conduct another search for containers and debris and reinspect the ship.

AMSA is conducting extensive drift modelling today and working with New South Wales Maritime about potential shoreline impacts and Maritime Safety Queensland around potential use of Brisbane Port. Initial modelling from last night suggested that if there was any floating containers or debris it would likely wash up to the north of Sydney.

At this stage no sightings of containers or debris along the shoreline have been reported and more extensive drift modelling will be conducted today factoring in the Challenger’s observations in better weather.

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau has been notified and has confirmed it will investigate the incident.

This is not the first incident involving container losses from the APL England. The APL England previously lost 37 containers in the Great Australian Bight in August 2016 due to heavy rolling in rough seas.

While the vessel was under totally different management at that time, this is another example of the need for crews and operators to ensure cargo is carried, and ships are operated, to prevent this sort of pollution of the marine environment.

Container Shipping Lines

MSC further supports digitalisation of the shipping industry by joining the Smart Maritime Network



MSC further supports digitalisation of the shipping industry by joining the Smart Maritime Network. Image: MSC
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MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company has long recognised the importance of digitisation across the shipping industry, and has been one of the pioneers behind the industry’s digital transformation. We are continuously investing in and developing new technologies to enhance our business and adapt to our customers’ needs. In addition to our internal digital roadmap, we are also actively working to shape the future of the shipping industry at-large, by contributing to third-party working groups and participating in industry conferences.

While a variety of digital innovations and IoT technologies exist in the maritime industry, MSC believes that new technology solutions will only be fit for purpose if they can be operated across multiple carriers, service providers and geographies. Collaboration is essential in this regard, so we can establish the same technology standards throughout the industry. Now, as a part of the Smart Maritime Network, we can work closely with maritime technology developers, vessel owners and operators, engineering OEMs and other key stakeholders, to develop joint approaches that will benefit the entire industry.

“We are pleased to join and support Smart Maritime Network, a platform to further promote and accelerate digital transformation across the shipping and transport logistics sectors. Collaborating with other members to solve key industry challenges is of paramount importance to MSC and there is no doubt that this Network opens up new opportunities for these efforts to become a reality, shaping the future of our industry,” says André Simha, Chief Digital & Information Officer at MSC.

Smart Maritime Network was launched in 2019 with the goal of providing a platform to promote the benefits of enhanced integration, standardisation and data sharing among stakeholders within the maritime and transport logistics sectors. The Network creates a collaborative environment for key influencers in the space to inform and educate the industry on technological developments and innovations. It also provides wider opportunities for relationship building and knowledge sharing. The Smart Maritime Network discusses and decides upon all Network activity.

“Smart Maritime Network is delighted to welcome MSC as a new member,” says Rob O’Dwyer, Chief Network Officer at Smart Maritime Network. “As a company at the forefront of leading transformation and innovation, their role as both a user and driver of digital technologies will provide valuable insights and input to the discussions and ongoing projects.”

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Container Shipping Lines

ZIM unveils new digital services



ZIM unveils new digital services. Image: Wikimedia/ Ian Kennedy
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During September 2019 ZIM officially announced of its revolutionary ‘Powered by Our Customers’ approach, an innovative concept, inviting customers to take an active part in designing and influencing ZIM’s Service Experience – For Customers, By Customers! Since than the concept has been put into practice throughout all ongoing developments of both existing and new digital services.

Today ZIM unveils two new services which were developed in response to the implications of the current COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Draft B/L for myZIM Personal Area users, provides ZIM’s customers with a new, simpler, faster way to approve or edit their draft B/L online throughout the documentation process.
  • News & Updates Push Notifications for ZIM’s Mobile Application users, enables customers to stay up-to-date, receiving all local operational and commercial news and updates published on ZIM’s website directly to their mobile application, in real time!

Both were designed and developed based on input provided by ZIM’s 600 “influencers”– ZIM customers taking an active part, making sure each function is finetuned according to their needs and recommendations.

ZIM President & CEO Eli Glickman: “When we say that being agile is one of our core values, we mean fast response to changing market needs to provide our customers the best and most up-to-date services.”

Assaf Tiran, ZIM’s Global Customer Service VP: “Our vision, ‘Innovative Shipping Dedicated to You’ drive our ongoing efforts to create a superb customer experience, and our ‘Powered by Our Customers’ working methodology is an integral part of this vision. These new digital services are only part of our planned roadmap, all aiming at Making It Easier for our customers to do business with us.”

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Container Shipping Lines

MSC introduces instant quote function for online cargo bookings



MSC introduces instant quote function for online cargo bookings. Image: Pixabay
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MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company has upgraded its e-business platform myMSC with the addition of a new online Instant Quote function. Customers wishing to use this tool will be able to quickly and easily get shipping rates for container bookings.

Currently, the majority of MSC’s bookings are carried out offline, and it can take some time to complete a booking. Using Instant Quote, customers can generate an online quote in seconds, with just a few simple clicks, 24/7 online.

They then have the option to instantly complete the booking with the generated quote on myMSC. Alternatively, they can save the quote or forward it to multiple contacts for booking at a later stage. The automated quote generation also reduces room for human error, further improving the efficiency of the process.

The Instant Quote function is currently only available for shipping trade routes from North America to Europe and from Asia to Europe, with plans for the addition of more trades over the course of 2020.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the trend towards digitalisation within the industry and the importance of engaging customers through multiple platforms, including through e-business. As such, this upgrade of myMSC is a clear illustration of our continuing efforts to invest in digital business transformation with the aim to improve efficiency and transparency, and to give our customers more options,” said Andre Simha, Chief Digital & Information Officer at MSC.

The launch of Instant Quote is expected to significantly boost the number of MSC’s online bookings, and further unlock the value of myMSC as an e-business platform for customers.

Using Instant Quote

Customers will first need to login to myMSC at, or to sign up for an account if they do not have one yet. Upon login either through the desktop version or the myMSC iOS/Android app, customers can access the Instant Quote function.

By selecting the starting and ending points of the shipment and the equipment size, customers can see the options for shipping rates. Details such as the shipping window, estimated transit time, routing and the charges included in the quotation will be clearly displayed.

The tool can be used for bookings of standard-sized (20 and 40 feet) and High Cube (40 and 45 feet) dry containers. For locations where intermodal services are available, customers can opt for end-to-end rates from the origin to destination.

MSC has ensured a seamless integration of the Instant Quote function into myMSC, and a smooth overall user experience for customers. This new function adds on to the list of e-business tools available in myMSC, such as ability to do e-bookings, retrieval of documents such as booking confirmations and arrival notices, oversight of bookings via a dashboard, creation and submission of Shipping Instructions, submission of Verified Gross Mass (VGM), tracking of shipments and receiving of notifications.

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