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ClassNK releases new PrimeShip-HULL (HCSR) software



ClassNK releases new PrimeShip-HULL (HCSR) software. Image: Pixabay
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ClassNK has just released the latest version of its design support software PrimeShip-HULL (HCSR) Ver.7.0.0, developed in response to the IACS Common Structural Rules for Bulk Carriers and Oil Tankers (CSR BC & OT). The new version incorporates the latest rule amendments to CSR BC & OT including amendments based on feedback from the industry.

In addition to the incorporation of the latest rule amendments, various functions were also added or improved in the PrimeShip-HULL (HCSR) prescriptive calculation software and direct strength assessment software.

Rule Calculation Software

  • The creation speed of calculation reports significantly increased. In addition, the PDF file size of calculation reports has been greatly reduced.
  • The rule calculation software now contains an “L. Member Parameter Copy” function. This can be used to quickly reflect the update information of longitudinal members in other sections, thereby reducing input man-hours.

Direct Strength Assessment Software

  • The buckling evaluation function has been improved, making it possible to set curling on the buckling panel for buckling evaluation in parallel with the long side of the panel, and now contains an evaluation function for cross ties.
  • The report creation function has been improved and an arbitrary model view for evaluated fatigue hotspots can now be added to the report.

PrimeShip-HULL (HCSR) Ver.7.0.0 was developed by ClassNK to offer the industry the highest level of support in the design of safer ships compliant with CSR BC & OT.

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Stolt Tankers to purchase five chemical tankers from CTG



Stolt Tankers to purchase five chemical tankers from CTG. Image: Pixabay
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Stolt-Nielsen Limited announced that Stolt Tankers B.V. has agreed to acquire five chemical tankers from Chemical Transportation Group for trading in the Stolt Tankers Joint Service.

The five ships, which are 26,000 dwt and with stainless steel cargo sections, were built in China in 2016 and 2017.  The purchase of each ship is expected to close between December 2020 and February 2021. Further terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Commenting on the purchase, Stolt Tankers President, Lucas Vos, said

“This acquisition is an excellent opportunity for Stolt Tankers to replace ships being retired in the next few years, lowering our fleet age profile with competitively priced ships that can trade in any of our deep-sea lanes. Newer, fuel-efficient ships help us reduce our carbon footprint while buying existing tonnage means capacity is not added to a market that doesn’t need it.  In a cyclical industry like ours, buying the right ships at the right price is the path to financial sustainability.  In the end, Stolt Tankers’ customers are the real winners in this deal, as these ships will support our proven platform that provides a high quality, reliable and flexible service offering.”

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LNG carrier named LNG PHECDA for Yamal LNG project




LNG carrier named LNG PHECDA for Yamal LNG project. Image: MOL
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Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. announced that on 19 August, a naming ceremony for a LNG carrier, jointly ordered by MOL and China COSCO Shipping Corporation Limited, was held at Hudong-Zhonghua Shipbuilding (Group) Co., Ltd.

The vessel was named “LNG PHECDA” after a star in the constellation Ursa Major. LNG PHECDA is the third of four newbuilding conventional LNG Carriers for the Yamal LNG Project announced at the end of June, 2017 *1, and the sister vessel of the “LNG DUBHE” and ” LNG MERAK ” *2 which were delivered in November, 2019 and January, 2020 respectively at the same shipyard.

MOL has been operating 13 LNG carriers built in China for other projects, and LNG PHECDA will become the 14th LNG carrier built in China to join our fleet. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic occurring during the construction of LNG PHECDA, she is expected to be delivered from the shipyard in a timely manner as originally planned, thanks largely to the help and cooperation of Hudong and the safety measures which have been taken to mitigate the dangers of the pandemic.

By leveraging our close working relationship with Hudong, MOL continues the construction of the 4th LNG carrier, the last one in the series, will be completed on schedule. With these carriers, MOL will continue to work assiduously to provide safe and stable LNG transportation from the Yamal LNG plant.

LNG PHECDA Specifications:
(1) Length : 295.0 m
(2) Breadth : 45.00 m
(3) Draft : 11.50 m
(4) LNG tank : Membrane type
(5) Cargo tank capacity : 174,000 m3
(6) Shipyard : Hudong
(7) Ship management company : MOL LNG Transport (Europe) Ltd.
(8) Ownership : MOL 50%/China COSCO Shipping 50%

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Delivery of the fourth CLEANBU vessel



Delivery of the fourth CLEANBU vessel. Image: Klaveness Combination Carriers
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Klaveness Combination Carriers ASA took delivery of the MV Baleen from New Yangzi Shipyard in China. The MV Baleen is the fourth of in total eight contracted CLEANBU combination carriers.

The CLEANBUs are unique vessels both in terms of design, their unprecedented environmental performance, operational and technical efficiency. These vessels have up to 40% lower CO2 emissions per ton mile transported cargo compared to standard vessels, in line with IMO’s 2030 targets for shipping.

With the delivery of the MV Baleen, Klaveness Combination Carriers will operate a fleet of 13 combination carriers. KCC has fixed-price options to contract an additional four CLEANBUs for delivery in 2022.

The start of trading of MV Baleen will be delayed due to COVID-19 travel restrictions and quarantine regulations impacting the mobilization of crew. She is scheduled to load her first cargo of caustic soda during 2nd half of September.

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