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Coal Carrier Sunshine Pride enters service for Joban Joint Power



Coal Carrier Sunshine Pride enters service for Joban Joint Power. Image: NYK Line
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Sunshine Pride, an NYK-operated coal carrier for Joban Joint Power Co. Ltd., was delivered at Tsuneishi Shipbuilding Co. Ltd., and a delivery ceremony was held on the same day. The event was attended by Joban Joint Power president Toshiaki Koizumi and NYK president Hitoshi Nagasawa, among others.

Under a long-term contract, this vessel will be dedicated to the transport of coal mainly from overseas to generate electricity at the Nakoso Power Station in the city of Iwaki. This power station makes use of efficient clean coal technology to support the recovery of Fukushima prefecture.

The resource transportation provided by NYK will have less of an environmental impact because this vessel comes equipped with a scrubber system* that is compliant with the International Maritime Organization’s more stringent SOx emission regulation, which became effective in January 2020.**

In accordance with its medium-term management plan “Staying Ahead 2022 with Digitalization and Green” announced last year, NYK continues to contribute to a stable energy supply for local society through the operation of environment-friendly ships, thus realizing the sustainable creation of new corporate and social value.

* Scrubber system
A system that effectively addresses the strengthened SOx (sulfur oxides) fuel regulation that will soon enter into force. Scrubber systems use seawater and chemicals to remove sulfur from ship exhaust gases, effectively eliminating 97 percent of SOx emissions.

** SOx Global Cap regulations
SOx emission regulations based on the 2008 amendment of the 1997 Protocol on Ship Pollution Prevention (Annex VI of the MARPOL Convention). From January 1, 2020, the allowable limit of sulfur in ship fuel oil was reduced from 3.5% to 0.5%.

About Sunshine Pride
Length Overall: 229.00 meters
Breadth: 32.26 meters
Summer Draft: 14.40 meters
Gross Tonnage: about 43,400 tons
Deadweight Tonnage: about 81,378 metric tons
Builder: Tsuneishi Shipbuilding Co. Ltd.


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Break Bulk

Port of Antwerp is investing heavily in general cargo: search for breakbulk candidate for Churchill dock has started



Port of Antwerp is investing heavily in general cargo: search for breakbulk candidate for Churchill dock has started. Image: Port of Antwerp
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The Churchill dock, located in the middle of the harbor, will become a fully-fledged ‘Breakbulk dock’. To the south of this dock, a water-bound concession will be released, whereby Port of Antwerp has resolutely opted to develop general cargo activities there. With this, the port shows that despite the pressure on this segment due to global trade problems and the corona crisis, breakbulk remains an absolute priority and that it wants to continue to support this.

Multimodal accessible

The area around the Churchill dock has historically grown into one of the most important places for breakbulk terminals in the port. The concession in question, located in the middle of existing breakbulk activities, is 15 hectares in size and has multimodal access with immediate access to the European road, rail and inland shipping network. As a result, breakbulk goods find their way quickly and reliably from the European production and consumption centers to all corners of the world and vice versa.

Synergies between logistics players

Numerous logistics players offer various services with a high added value tailored to the customer at this location. There are, for example, service providers for the handling, assembly, quality control, packaging and storage of general cargo. This wide range of added-value services ensures that the goods are processed according to the wishes of the end customer without a lot of excess transport and handling costs.

Antwerp, home port for general cargo

The shipping of break bulk, such as steel, project cargo and forest products, requires a product-specific approach: no shipment is identical. Thanks to the “can do” mentality and the extensive experience of the many service providers, the port of Antwerp can ship almost 9 million tons of conventional general cargo with an eye for quality every year.

Jacques Vandermeiren, CEO Port of Antwerp: “Antwerp has been the breakbulk port par excellence in Europe for many centuries. As a result, all the quality, experience and flexibility is in house to provide tailor-made solutions for the customer. Breakbulk generates a high added value in the portfolio of our port, so it is crucial that we continue to promote these goods. ”

Port ships Annick De Ridder: “Breakbulk is in the DNA of the port of Antwerp and remains an absolute priority. Despite trade troubles and the economic slowdown, breakbulk remains one of our six commercial pillars. The transhipment and production of breakbulk continues unabated, thanks to the efforts that our breakbulk community is making to put our port on the map as a strong brand in terms of quality, experience and flexibility. I cannot emphasize enough that I am extremely grateful to them, they make Port of Antwerp the home of breakbulk. ”

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Break Bulk

Hamworthy Pumps makes strong re-entry to tanker market



Hamworthy Pumps makes strong re-entry Image: Hamworthy Pumps
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New shuttle tankers are being built with pump solutions from Hamworthy Pumps, which aims to regain its position among the leading suppliers of pump room systems. This will be done in a new powerful alliance with Hoyer Motors as supplier of electrical drive systems.

In Singapore, Hamworthy Pumps is back on its feet as an independent brand following a change of ownership. As part of an ambitious growth plan, the company has embarked on a comeback within pump room systems for tankers, where it was one of the leading suppliers to this market for decades.

Resently the new strategy has resulted in orders for pump room systems for three large tankers, with an option for a fourth. Two of the ships – both Aframax-size crude oil tankers – are being built by Hyundai Heavy Industries for the Finnish oil refiner Neste. The third – a 152,000 DWT DP2 shuttle tanker – is being built at COSCO Zhoushan Shipyard for Knutsen NYK Offshore Tankers of Norway.

“We have a strong ambition to gain market share in pump room systems. Neste and Knutsen are crucial references for us in that context. We continuously develop our solutions in close co-operation with end-users, ship designers and strategically selected vendors. With these orders, we send the message that we have the expertise and the setup to deliver the customized pumping solutions that the market demands”, says Terje Bjornemo, Director, Pump Room Systems at Hamworthy Pumps.

Expanded facilities and water cooled motors

The orders for pump room systems for the three shuttle tankers have all been won in a new powerful alliance with Hoyer Motors as the subcontractor for electrical drive systems. The Danish electric motor specialist has many years of experience from the marine industry and will be a strategically important partner for Hamworthy Pumps’ re-entry to the tanker market.

“In recent years, we have strengthened our capability to serve the marine industry including expanded facilities in China and a new range of ATEX and IECEx certified, explosion proof marine motors. For these specific tankers we developed special water cooled motors to meet the PRS requirements and will continue to invest in R&D as we strongly believe in the tanker market potential,” says Henrik Sørensen, CEO, Hoyer Group.

The collaboration between Hamworthy Pumps and Hoyer Motors is further strengthened by the fact that both companies are in the process of significantly upgrading on service and aftersales. Last year, Hamworthy Pumps opened a large service centre in Singapore together with its sister company Svanehøj, and it is currently rolling out a new global service provider concept. Hoyer Motors has taken active steps into the aftermarket and is represented via selected partners in Houston, Rotterdam, Singapore and Shanghai, among others.

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Stolt Tankers to purchase five chemical tankers from CTG



Stolt Tankers to purchase five chemical tankers from CTG. Image: Pixabay
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Stolt-Nielsen Limited announced that Stolt Tankers B.V. has agreed to acquire five chemical tankers from Chemical Transportation Group for trading in the Stolt Tankers Joint Service.

The five ships, which are 26,000 dwt and with stainless steel cargo sections, were built in China in 2016 and 2017.  The purchase of each ship is expected to close between December 2020 and February 2021. Further terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Commenting on the purchase, Stolt Tankers President, Lucas Vos, said

“This acquisition is an excellent opportunity for Stolt Tankers to replace ships being retired in the next few years, lowering our fleet age profile with competitively priced ships that can trade in any of our deep-sea lanes. Newer, fuel-efficient ships help us reduce our carbon footprint while buying existing tonnage means capacity is not added to a market that doesn’t need it.  In a cyclical industry like ours, buying the right ships at the right price is the path to financial sustainability.  In the end, Stolt Tankers’ customers are the real winners in this deal, as these ships will support our proven platform that provides a high quality, reliable and flexible service offering.”

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