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Mergers and Acquisition

Davies Turner goes Dutch with Mainfreight



Davies Turner goes Dutch with Mainfreight. Image: Davies Turner
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From June 1st, Davies Turner will strengthen its portfolio of scheduled daily overland trailer services between the UK and the Netherlands following the signing of an exclusive cooperation agreement with the Dutch subsidiary of the Mainfreight Group.

This new alliance is another sign of Davies Turner’s commitment to the so-called ‘short haul’ markets of the Netherlands, Belgium and France, where competition is fierce and many freight forwarders no longer provide a full service network.

The development builds upon the successful working relationship the UK’s leading independent freight forwarding and logistics company already has with Mainfreight in Belgium and France, and brings further synergies to its cross channel trailer operations for the Benelux region.

From June 1st, daily overland trailer services will operate between Mainfreight’s hub in
’s-Heerenberg on the Dutch-German border and Davies Turner’s regional distribution hubs at Dartford and Coleshill.

The services will provide groupage or full-load operations at very competitive prices, as well as a comprehensive collection and next day delivery system throughout both countries.

Mainfreight is a listed-New Zealand logistics and transport company headquartered in Auckland, and a global supply chain business with over 250 branches around the world.

In ’s-Heerenberg, it has more than 110,000 sq m (1.2 million sq ft) of warehousing for cross-dock operations and long term storage, and offers high quality, value-added logistics services.

Philip Stephenson, chairman of Davies Turner says that whilst the European road freight market has naturally been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic, there is still significant volumes of freight moving, across multiple industry sectors.

“As a further strengthening of our European network, we are delighted to be announcing this partnership with a carefully selected, regionally strong, independent and like-minded partner, with which we are already cooperating in other markets. This gives us confidence that as European economies and businesses start the recovery process, in the medium and long term future there will be further opportunities on this particular trade lane.

“Our freight flows on the route are already healthy and despite the current difficult trading conditions we continue to maintain a full, nationwide collection and distribution service for our customers and overseas partners.”

Ruud Tousain, Mainfreight’s Network Manager Europe added: “Both companies are already working with each other in other European markets and are also members of System Alliance Europe. We have a shared ambition to quickly establish ourselves as the leading players in overland groupage services between the UK and Holland.

“We echo Davies Turner’s commitment to offering effective, high quality services backed by integrated IT systems, financial stability and professional personnel.”

Mergers and Acquisition

Navig8 group announces the merger of ship management services to Suntech Maritime




Navig8 group announces the merger of ship management services to Suntech Maritime. Image: Pixabay
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The Navig8 Group is pleased to announce that from 15 May 2019 its Ship Management division, which provides technical management services to customers worldwide, will come under independent management to create a new company – Suntech Maritime.

Through a private transaction, Suntech will be led by the two former owners of Selandia. Navig8 will remain a core investor of Suntech. The change will enable the ship management services to expand independently of the Navig8 Group.

The current Navig8 Ship Management staff will be retained and transferred to Suntech, including the crewing office in Mumbai.  Suntech will start operating with the 40 ships currently under the management of Navig8 Ship Management. Customers will experience no change in their services and zero disruption during the transition to Suntech. The current DOC will remain in place.

The two incoming Suntech Partners are Capt. Naren Bhatt and Capt. Umesh Thakore, the former owners of Selandia. Both have a proven record of building a successful, first-class brand within the Ship Management sector.

Mr Gary Brocklesby of Navig8 says, Navig8 has a long heritage of providing the highest quality technical management services to shipowners globally. When considering this transaction, it was fundamental that we found experienced Partners who will uphold our strong technical foundations and customer service values.

Transferring to independent management will enable the ship operations to advance to the next level of development, through expansion plans, even greater customer service and the highest standards.

Under the superb leadership of Capt Prashaant Mirchandani, the former head of Navig8 Ship Management, the division’s activities have expanded substantially, including a significant focus on Newbuild Supervision.

Capt Prashaant is a highly valued manager and innovator, and the wider Navig8 Group can now benefit from his expertise by leading a number of initiatives related to IMO 2020 and beyond. We are excited about this next stage of development for Suntech and for the Navig8 Group.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank our Ship Management team for their hard work and dedication and wish them well for an exciting future under the new management team.


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Rovco purchases Seaeye Leopard work-class ROV, expanding their service offering to customers




Rovco purchases Seaeye Leopard work-class ROV, expanding their service offering to customers.Image: Rovco
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We are pleased to announce our recently purchased Saab Seaeye Leopard. As one of the offshore energy industry’s leading providers of ROV and hydrographic services, coupled with artificial intelligence-based technology, this investment adds to our growing fleet of ROVs, expanding our subsea capability and capacity much further.

The purchase of the Seaeye Leopard is the latest investment in our asset pool, which strategically increases our capability to serve a growing number of customers.

This high-performance electric “Fast ROV” work-class platform, known to function well in difficult conditions, increases our service offering to support wind farm installation and maintenance projects throughout the lifecycle of subsea related tasks.

Our aim is to serve customers’ needs in areas such as construction support, seabed, cable and pipeline investigations and intervention, and this vehicle backs up the Teams’ capability to deliver on its £15m+ pipeline of upcoming work and will bolster the range of our already growing portfolio of subsea projects.

The Seaeye Leopard is designed to offer customers an exceptionally powerful electric work-class ROV. The Leopard’s technical features and impressive performance, enables greater workability and station keeping, opening up wider operational weather windows, and thereby increasing project efficiency through reduced downtime.

The vehicles’ design along with a compact Launch and Recovery spread, allows for fast mobilisation and demobilisation to and from a wider range of vessels without the need for extensive modifications to the deck to support the setup. The all-electric design combined with these typically smaller host vessels helps reduce project CO2 emissions and lowers the overall cost of projects to Rovco’s customers.

Simon Miller, our General Manager said: “We are extremely proud to have purchased this great asset. The Seaeye Leopard provides us with an extremely capable, multi-purpose work-class ROV, which is the perfect platform to support our immediate customer needs and future campaigns. The system will be put to work straight away on offshore wind projects throughout the summer, and will bring great operational benefit and efficiency to our planned campaigns”

Formed in 2015, we are changing the way offshore work is performed and is investing heavily in further research and development. As a company, we have the resources and expertise to work across the globe, using cutting edge technology to drive time and cost-saving project efficiencies.

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Break Bulk

Rand Logistics, INC completes purchase of American steamship company from GATX Corporation



Rand Logistics, INC completes purchase of American steamship company from GATX Corporation. Image: Rand Logistics
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Rand Logistics, Inc. has completed the acquisition of American Steamship Company from GATX Corporation. Rand is a portfolio company of American Industrial Partners and provides dry bulk shipping services throughout the Great Lakes region.

The combination of Rand and ASC moves almost 50 million tons annually of dry bulk commodities such as iron ore, coal and limestone on vessels ranging in size from 634 feet to over 1,000 feet.

The combined company’s diverse fleet will offer customer’s unprecedented flexibility through its integrated transportation network and range of vessel options.
“This transaction is a game-changer for both Rand and our customers. Our combined 24-vessel fleet gives us the capability to meet almost every type of dry bulk transportation need on the Great Lakes,” said Peter Coxon, Chief Executive Officer of Rand. “ASC brings a rich history, superior assets, a safe and efficient operation,and a great team which complement our operations and will benefit our customers in so many tangible ways, such as increased overall transportation capacity through fleet synergies and greater number of loading opportunities. Our vendors will also benefit from the consolidation oftens of millions of dollars of operating and capital spending each year.”

“ASC is thrilled to be a part of the creation of a truly unique company with the scale and flexibility to meet the diverse needs of the Great Lakes region,” said David Foster, President of American Steamship Company.“ASC brings new asset classes to the combined company alongwith the efficient, highly qualified crews and shoreside personnel that operate them, all making the combinedcompany one of the premier marine transportation companies in North America.”

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