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Deutsche Post, GMX and WEB.DE launch postal mail notification service



Deutsche Post, GMX and WEB.DE launch postal mail notification service. Image: DHL
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Imagine finding out which letters will be arriving later in the day: A new postal mail notification service in Germany will do just that, with the help of the country’s two most widely used e-mail providers, GMX and WEB.DE, and Deutsche Post.

Registered users can take advantage of the convenient new heads-up service and receive e-mail notification of the physical letters and correspondence en route to their mailboxes. Attached to the notification e-mail is a photo of the envelope. As a result, individuals who use the online e-mail service or WEB.DE and GMX smartphone apps can stay informed at all times of the postal mail they are about to receive.

The service is free of charge and can be activated starting on July 27, 2020, by all 34 million GMX and WEB.DE users via the settings section of their individual e-mail accounts. This means that once launched, the notification service will be available to every second German internet user.

“By introducing this new, globally unique notification service, we are making it possible for our customers to receive their postal mail even more conveniently and flexibly,” said Tobias Meyer, Deutsche Post DHL Group Board Member for Post & Parcel Germany. “Registered GMX and WEB.DE users will now have the option of finding out about the postal mail they are about to receive – whenever and wherever they want – and digitally archiving their offline correspondence. They will also gain more transparency about the delivery quality provided by Deutsche Post.”

Jan Oetjen, Managing Director of the e-mail providers GMX and WEB.DE, added: “Our postal mail notification service will integrate e-mail and postal correspondence into one inbox. This is a ground-breaking step, particularly when you consider just how rapidly the digitalization of communications is expanding. The e-mail inbox has already become the main hub for online communication between companies and customers. Order and delivery confirmations, invoices and contract documents are already being sent here along with private correspondence. In the future, users will be able to clearly organize and archive all relevant information from companies as well as government agencies in one place.”

Simple, two-step registration process

Use of the postal mail notification service will require the express permission of users, a process that can be completed in two easy steps in the settings section of GMX and WEB.DE e-mail accounts. After logging in, users must first click the menu point “Postal mail notification” and then enter their postal address. Deutsche Post will then send a letter containing a confirmation code to this address for verification purposes. In the second step, users can confirm their address and complete the registration process by scanning the QR code in the letter or manually entering a 12-digit confirmation code. The new service is part of the smart mailbox offered by WEB.DE and GMX, and offers a number of automated functions. The next phase of the process will also introduce an appointment reminder function as well as sorting, archiving and response functionalities, while making it easier to quickly locate important e-mails and letters.

Secure data transfer and processing

The photos of postal mail will be taken as part of an automated process at Deutsche Post’s state-of-the-art sorting centers, in full compliance with German data privacy and security standards. The process of photographing the envelopes will cause no delays as the letters will remain in the sorting system before being delivered, as usual, to the recipient’s residential address. The photos of the envelopes will be erased from Deutsche Post’s systems after they are sent to the recipient.

All postal mail notifications will be electronically signed by Deutsche Post. WEB.DE and GMX will then check the signature to ensure that the e-mails were in fact sent by Deutsche Post. Users will be able to clearly identify the postal mail notifications with the help of the superimposed WEB.DE or GMX e-mail seal as well as the Deutsche Post brand logo.

The electronic transmission of data between Deutsche Post and the e-mail inboxes of GMX and WEB.DE users will be protected by end-to-end transport encryption. All data will be collected and processed in secure IT systems and German computing centers. To further enhance security, GMX and WEB.DE users can add two-factor authentication to their account free of charge. The entire data-processing chain will meet the requirements of the European General Data Protection Regulation.

Digital copy of postal mail contents to start in 2021

Next year, GMX and WEB.DE users will have the option of receiving digital copies of the contents of their postal mail by secure e-mail. Users will then be able to read incoming letters on their PCs or smartphones before the physical versions are delivered to their home mailboxes. This service will require the participation of the respective sender of the mail and the explicit consent of the user. Following the market launch of this service, the partners will offer an option for secure end-to-end encryption of digital delivery. Users will then be able to add an additional security level to the digital copy of their correspondence by means of the internationally recognized and proven encryption standard PGP. PGP is already optionally available free of charge and can be easily integrated into all WEB.DE and GMX inboxes.

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Logistics & Supply Chain

Geek+ launches S100C for intelligent sortation of large-size packages



Geek+ launches S100C for intelligent sortation of large-size packages. Image: Geek+
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Geek+, a global AMR leader, is proud to announce the launch of its new S100C large-size parcel sorting robot, advancing its already extensive line of intelligent sorting robots and expanding the possibilities for automated sorting.

S100C is an efficient, stable, and affordable solution for solving many of the complex logistics scenarios brought on by increased online sales and the need for systems that can flexibly handle a wide variety of goods. The robot can support unit sortation, parcel sortation, and bins transportation, making it applicable to many industry scenarios, from 3PLs and distribution centers to cross-docking facilities and airports.

Equipped with an independent rotating control chassis and collision avoidance, S100C can operate narrow spaces, saving 30% of the sortation area. High-speed control belts allow the robot to process two items in one go or deliver one large item at a speed of 2m/s. If a package is positioned too close to the edge of the control belt, the robot will slow down and adjust the position of the package to ensure accuracy and safety. Additionally, the mechanical structure and load-bearing components of S100C allows for seamless handling of packages weighing 100 kg or more, reducing labor-intensive operations and associated risks and costs.

Kai Liu, Co-founder, VP Picking & Smart Warehouse, Geek+, says: “At Geek+ we strive to develop robotics solutions that won´t make it a choice of efficiency or safety. With S100C, companies will be able to ensure a safer working environment, while meeting the needs for accuracy and more effective handling larger order volumes. The robot is also a good economic choice since the system powering S100C allows easy deployment and quick scaling of operations.”

Built on AI-driven AMR technology, the sorting system powering S100C enables quick deployment in less than 2 weeks. The flexibility of the system leads to lower implementation costs and allows businesses to quickly scale operations by adjusting the number of robots. Similarly, the robot can be easily integrated with existing infrastructure and collaborate with other robots to realize comprehensive systems for automated warehouse operations. Lastly, the system can be easily customized to support RFID technology or bar code scanning for more efficient sortation.

Today, companies across the world are looking for solutions that can help them handle fluctuating demand and a tight labor market. S100C is the most recent step in Geek+ mission to provide businesses with automated, customized, and safe solutions for meeting the challenges of today and tomorrow.


Geek+ launches S100C for intelligent sortation of large-size packages. Image: Geek+

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Amazon’s new steps towards zero carbon emissions by adding 1,800 electric vehicles to its fleet in Europe

Amazon is including 1,800 electric powered transport vehicles from Mercedes-Benz as a part of our journey to set up the most sustainable transportation fleet in the world.




Amazon’s new steps towards zero carbon emissions by adding 1,800 electric vehicles to its fleet in Europe. Image: Amazon
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Amazon announced extra 1,800 electric powered automobiles from Mercedes-Benz Vans to its transport fleet in Europe this year. Amazon and Mercedes-Benz have committed to reduce emissions from the transportation sector. 

Mercedes-Benz additionally introduced that it has joined The Climate Pledge, which calls on signatories to be zero carbon across their businesses by 2040 – a decade in advance of the Paris Agreement aim of 2050.

“We welcome the ambitious management of Mercedes-Benz by signing up to The Climate Pledge and committing to ambitious action to deal with climate change. We need continued innovation and partnership from auto manufacturers like Mercedes-Benz to decarbonize the transportation industry and address the weather crisis,” stated Jeff Bezos, Amazon founder and CEO. Amazon is including 1,800 electric powered transport vehicles from Mercedes-Benz as a part of our journey to set up the most sustainable transportation fleet in the world, and we accelerate to get those trucks on the street this year

“At Mercedes-Benz, we have  set ourselves the progressive target to make the transformation of mobility a victory.. By joining â€?The Climate Pledge’ we are building on our intention to constantly pursue free mobility and sustainable automobile production,” stated Ola Källenius, Chairman of the Board of Management of Daimler AG and Mercedes-Benz AG. “We stand with Amazon, Global Optimism and the other signatories of The Climate Pledge, in a commitment to being net zero carbon by  2040 – ten years beforehand of The Paris Agreement. I am thrilled that we are able to gain even greater momentum on our sustainability offensive with this step.”

As a part of Mercedes-Benz’s commitment as the brand signatory of The Climate Pledge, the company is doubling down on its commitment to “Ambition2039,” a road-map to CO2-impartial mobility. The company is comparing methods to put off carbon from its whole cost chain, from improvement to the provider network, from its own manufacturing to the electrification of merchandise and beyond, in addition to making sure renewable energies for the use segment of electrical vehicles. With its intention to have a CO2-neutral fleet of the new vehicles in much less than 20 years, Mercedes-Benz is making a crucial contribution to slowing weather change. 

The company is already making accurate development in this direction: By the give up of this year, the automobile portfolio will contain 5 completely electric powered fashions and greater than 20 plug-in hybrids. Signatories to The Climate Pledge additionally have the possibility to proportion get admission to technology, exceptional practices and improvements in delivery chain enhancements. They also are capable of co-invest on new technology and rising solutions. 

Amazon’s Delivery Service Partners could get entry to the brand new fleet of zero-emission vehicles to make deliveries to clients in Europe this year, supporting to save thousands  of metric tons of carbon. The order is a milestone for Mercedes-Benz Vans, marking the largest order of electric vehicles for the manufacturer to date, and makes Amazon its biggest sustainable transportation associate worldwide.

More than 1200 EVs the order could be made from the latest electric powered industrial van to be had at Mercedes-Benz – the eSprinter, a larger model than the manufacturer’s first zero-emission vehicle, the eVito.  The eSprinter consists of contemporary protection capabilities including, electric parking brake, active brake assist, reverse camera, blind spot assist, and more. 

The final 600 vehicles could be made from the  manufacturer’s midsize electric powered van, the eVito, to give Delivery Service Partners operating in terrain that require a smaller-layout vehicle entry to a zero-emissions shipping option. “We are intensifying our long-standing partnership with Amazon and operating collectively at the battery-electric powered future of transportation,”said Marcus Breitschwerdt, Head of Mercedes-Benz Vans 

With the eVito and the eSprinter, we’ve got electric powered vehicles in our portfolio that are perfectly suited for the necessities of the courier-, express- and parcel-provider industry for goods delivered on the  last mile’ delivery range. They display that emission-free driving, convincing performance, and low operational costs will combine perfectly.

“Amazon’s investment is a robust and visible signal of its dedication and alignment to EU priorities,” said Fabio Massimo Castaldo, Vice President of the European Parliament. “Amazon maintains to make contributions to the fulfillment of the EU Green Deal goals, foster technological innovation and generate resilient and sustainable jobs in Europe. 

Amazon is devoted to powering its developing electric powered fleet with clean energy.  As a part of The Climate Pledge, Amazon is making an investment in renewable power as an essential step closer to addressing our carbon footprint globally and has devoted to run on 100% renewable power with the aid of using 2025. Globally, Amazon has 91 renewable energy projects  which have the potential to generate over 2,900 MW and supply extra 7.5 million MWh of power annually. These projects consist of 31 utility-scale wind and solar renewable power projects and 60 solar rooftops on fulfilment facilities and sort facilities across the globe.

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Logistics & Supply Chain

Siemens VarioRoute now as modular solution: Maximum flexibility for parcel sorting centers



Siemens VarioRoute now as modular solution: Maximum flexibility for parcel sorting centers. Image: Siemens Logistics GmbH
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Siemens Logistics is bringing to the market a new variant of its tried-and-tested VarioRoute for flow splitting in parcel sorting centers. Thanks to this enhancement, splitting parcel flows, filtering out rejected parcels or rerouting consignments can be tailored to specific customer requirements.

As a modular system, the fully automated VarioRoute can not only be adjusted for different plant layouts in the sorting centers. It can also be flexibly adapted to the range of parcels to be processed. This includes an optimized configuration for fast and reliable processing of typical e-commerce parcels, which also cover a wide variety of small, lightweight consignments.

“In addition to the modular design, what distinguishes our enhanced VarioRoute is its plug & play system design,” says Michael Reichle, CEO of Siemens Logistics. “With this highly modern system, the flow splitter can be expanded with additional modules without major outlay, making it easy to adapt to the changing requirements in the sorting centers.”

The robust VarioRoute allows the best possible use of spaces in logistics centers thanks to its independent modules which can be put together in various different ways. Its unique architecture is made up of roller units, independent of each other, pivotable by +/- 45 degrees and each equipped with its own integrated electric motor. This is a purely electrical solution without pneumatics.

Up to 12,000 packages and parcels per hour are split or diverted by the powerful system. Consignments weighing from 0.1 to 50 kilos can be processed reliably depending on the configuration. Maintenance and servicing are simple due to the service-friendly design; repair times are less than 30 minutes.

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