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Air Freight and IBS Software announces strategic partnership to to empower airlines on their digital transformation


on and IBS Software announces strategic partnership to to empower airlines on their digital transformation. Image:
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The two technology leaders and IBS Software officially announced their strategic partnership to empower airlines on their digital transformation to emerge stronger from the COVID-19 crisis.

The companies have been working together to create custom integrations for leading airlines, including Etihad Cargo and Nippon Cargo Airlines, to successfully help them to further develop their digital distribution capabilities. In 2020, has already displayed hundreds of thousands of bookable offers for airlines running IBS iCargo, without the use of a standardized plug and play solution.

With the first plug and play booking for All Nippon Airways on last week, pioneers the implementation of the new iCargo Sales Platform which represents an industry-first standard integration for airlines running IBS’s iCargo software. The partners, IBS Software and ‘walk the talk’ of digitalization by delivering real results for their airline partner and’s extensively growing user base of freight forwarders.

As COVID-19 urges airlines and forwarder sales teams to adapt to a new normal, reports a record increase in usage and demand. The platform now serves about 1,500 freight forwarder branches, located across key European markets. This customer base represents a significant growth of 425% compared to last year.

Moritz Claussen, Founder and Managing Director of says: “We see that COVID-19 has been a catalyst for digital transformation within the air cargo industry. This is reflected in the now 1,500 forwarder branches using on a daily basis.

Furthermore, we see that distributing capacity online at live rates is an essential part of the recovery roadmap for many airlines. Together with IBS Software we have been building a proven plug and play solution that empowers all IBS airlines to seamlessly integrate with and get access to our ever-growing user base. Allowing airlines to boost sales online and almost instantly relieve overloaded sales staff.”

The seamless access and proven integration technology to the platform via the IBS iCargo Sales Platform will help the 30+ IBS airline customers to quickly use ‘out of the box’ services, without the need for major system changes. This helps airlines develop digital distribution capabilities which is a game changer for the industry.

“We truly believe that leveraging online distribution is the way forward for airlines to emerge faster and stronger from the crisis and we are excited to enable these connections with innovation leader and our state of the art technology. It is heartening to see how both companies have worked together in these challenging circumstances to deliver innovative capabilities that will help the industry. We have moved further in our broader goal of creating a “digital ecosystem” by collaborating with complimenting services, to bring greater value to customers using iCargo. I am excited as we will see digitalization accelerating further over the next months through our joint efforts.” concludes Ashok Rajan, SVP & Head of Cargo & Logistics, IBS Software.

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Delta Cargo partners with PayCargo to offer new payment platform



Delta Cargo partners with PayCargo to offer new payment platform. image: Wikimedia/ Kentaro Iemoto
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Delta Cargo has partnered with online payment platform PayCargo and Unisys to offer customers an additional option to pay for their shipments’ destination charges. The new service for cargo shipments that originated internationally and delivered throughout the U.S. will be available starting July 10, 2020.

PayCargo is the world’s leading online payment platform for the air cargo and shipping industry. Its secure and easy-to-use system has cost benefits directly for Delta Cargo’s customers as it automates data flows, eliminates the need to send paper checks and enables same-day release of cargo. To use the system, customers must first register via the PayCargo.

Customers will then receive updated charges information and efficiently process payments due at the destination. Once payment is made, Delta Cargo is notified in real-time to process the shipment and expedite shipment release.

“Delta Cargo is focused on making it easy to do business with us and our new collaboration with PayCargo and Unisys does just that,” said Shawn Cole, Vice President – Delta Cargo. “As we strive to become the airline of choice for our customers, we know that offering secure payment options is one way we can achieve this.”

Lionel van der Walt, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Americas, PayCargo said: “PayCargo is honored to partner with a prestigious carrier such as Delta Air Lines. This collaboration, made possible through our integration with Unisys, will facilitate significant cost and operational efficiencies by enabling staff to expedite the release of cargo without the need for accessing multiple systems, and automates data flows to save time and avoid costly human errors.”

Unisys is an innovative provider of digital solutions for the air cargo industry. The integrated solution that Unisys offers with PayCargo will automate the payment process for improved visibility and streamlined operations.

“By leading the integration with PayCargo, Unisys was instrumental in facilitating additional payment options to provide the speed and flexibility to seamlessly process transactions across platforms,” said Curtis Schuler, Unisys Vice President – Client Management, Americas. “Our long-term relationship and in depth understanding of Delta’s operations, along with PayCargo’s expertise in payments systems, allowed the joint team to deliver real benefits within five months.”

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Emirates SkyCargo expands cargo connectivity to 100 destinations



Emirates SkyCargo expands cargo connectivity to 100 destinations. Image: Emirates SkyCargo
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Emirates SkyCargo will be operating scheduled cargo flights to 100 destinations across six continents during the month of July 2020. Some of the new cities added to the air cargo carrier’s network include Accra, Algiers, Athens, Fort Lauderdale, Glasgow, Larnaca, Los Angeles, Male, Moscow (SVO), Phnom Penh, Rome, Santiago, Sialkot and Tunis.
Emirates SkyCargo’s network expansion is in response to the growing economic activity and demand for air cargo capacity from markets across the world along with Emirates’ increased passenger flight operations. By offering multiple daily or weekly cargo flight frequencies to major production and consumer markets, the carrier is helping facilitate supplies of goods required for combatting the current pandemic as well as machinery and equipment required for manufacturing and several key economic sectors across global trade lanes.
In addition to scheduled services, Emirates SkyCargo also operates a number of special charter flights every week to transport a range of commodities from Personal Protective Supplies and pharmaceuticals to food and outsized machinery and components.
The freight division of Emirates offers an innovative range of cargo capacity options for businesses and exporters on its modern, wide-body aircraft fleet. In addition to loading of cargo in the belly hold, Emirates SkyCargo has introduced loading of select cargo on the passenger seats and in the overhead bins of the passenger cabin of its Boeing 777-300ER aircraft.
Recently the carrier also modified 10 Boeing 777-300ER aircraft from its fleet by removing seats from the Economy Class in the passenger cabin to make room for additional cargo. Emirates SkyCargo also operates 11 Boeing 777 F full freighters currently deployed to over 30 destinations every week.
Emirates SkyCargo places a strong emphasis on the safety of operations. Working with its partners, including ground handlers, the carrier has introduced a number of strict guidelines on cabin loading of cargo covering the type of permitted cargo as well as proper packaging and handling in accordance with IATA guidelines.

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FedEx welcomes the U.S.-Mexico-Canada agreement




FedEx welcomes the U.S.-Mexico-Canada agreement. Image: FedEx
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FedEx Corp. today recognizes the entry into force of the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement. This agreement will benefit all three economies and make them more competitive around the world.

At FedEx, trade is our business, and expanding global trade is essential to our customers, our workers and our company. USMCA replaces the twenty-six-year-old North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), helping to streamline trade across the North American market, which is of critical importance to FedEx and our customers.

“We applaud the governments of the United States, Mexico and Canada for working together to approve and implement an agreement that simplifies trade for the highly integrated North American supply chains,” said FedEx COO Raj Subramaniam. “Modernizing and expanding global trade through free trade agreements like USMCA breaks down trade barriers, creates new job opportunities and helps our customers reach new markets.”

USMCA makes North American trade easier and addresses issues including e-commerce and the protection of intellectual property. When it comes to day-to-day shipping for FedEx customers, USMCA offers several advantages:

  • The de minimis, or duty and/or tax exemption threshold agreed to by the three governments, increases for imports into Canada and Mexico, potentially reducing overall shipping costs.
  • Simplified clearance value limits increase, reducing the amount of documentation necessary. As a result, volumes of formal clearance decrease, lowering costs and increasing efficiencies.
  • Quicker clearance for more shipments will result in higher customer satisfaction.

The agreement is recognized in Mexico as the Tratado entre Mexico, Estados Unidos y Canada (T-MEC) and in Canada as the Canada-United States-Mexico Agreement (CUSMA).

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