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Sportswear giant selects Indigo WMS for new distribution centre

Global sportswear company PUMA has awarded Indigo Software a contract to implement Indigo WMS at the company’s new 13 acre Super G distribution centre in Glasshoughton in Yorkshire. When fully implemented, Indigo WMS will control the entire 261,000 sq ft warehouse process.



Sportswear giant selects Indigo WMS for new distribution centre
Sportswear giant selects Indigo WMS for new distribution centre. Image: Indigo Software

Global sportswear company PUMA has awarded Indigo Software a contract to implement Indigo WMS at the company’s new 13 acre Super G distribution centre in Glasshoughton in Yorkshire. When fully implemented, Indigo WMS will control the entire 261,000 sq ft warehouse process.

With over 40 years’ presence in Yorkshire and with a valuable and loyal workforce, it was PUMA’s priority to find a new distribution hub which would sustain its existing business and facilitate its exciting future growth plans. Super G is a facility that meets both these needs and allows it to consolidate the three previous warehouses used to manage the company’s wholesale operations.

To maximise efficiency, PUMA’s new distribution centre will include partial automation features integrated with Indigo WMS. An automated scanning system will record all inbound items upon arrival, before they are labelled, assigned to the correct location and moved. Stock items will be transported by automated conveyor to the labelling area, where a unique identifier is added to each unit, specifying the SKU, volume and putaway location.

All these processes will be driven through Indigo WMS, ensuring stock can be located instantly, space utilisation is optimised and pallets of orders can be assembled more quickly. Data will be captured automatically in real-time, so management will have an immediate snapshot of supply chain operations at any time.

PUMA will also be trialling voice picking, with the intention of using this technology to improve turnaround times on fast track replenishment orders for its most popular lines.

“We carefully reviewed our processes and considered a range of technology options, deciding that Indigo WMS was the best fit for PUMA’s long-term growth requirements and complemented our existing ERP system. We were also confident that Indigo could meet the precise implementation timescales and deliver on our logistics growth target,” said Darren Schofield, Head of Operations UKIB at PUMA.

As part of the project planning phase, Indigo conducted a full warehouse process review, to ensure that the technology being introduced would address PUMA’s warehouse business goals.

“PUMA’s new distribution centre is going to open up a new world of paperless warehouse efficiency, with fully integrated, semi-automated operations offering a full audit trail and the accountability to support many business improvements,” said Colin Hough, Director of Client Sales EMEA and Americas at Indigo Software.

Once live, Indigo WMS will give PUMA the following enhanced warehouse management capabilities:

• Mobile first solution with touchscreen control panels and advanced reporting;
• Full integration with automated conveyors and scanners;
• Use with multiphase VNA (very narrow aisle) semi-automated forklifts;
• New batch pick and sortation process for faster turnaround times;
• Dynamic pick faces to optimise pick speeds and support automated replenishment to any empty location;
• Carrier integration reducing dispatch lead times;
• Systematic packing process to increase customer put away efficiency, since replenishment orders are more accurately labelled;
• Perpetual Inventory stock counting, reducing disruption in the warehouse during stock counting cycles and minimising shrinkage.

“Indigo’s software is great but ultimately, it is all about the people. Early on in the project it was clear their consulting team were very highly skilled and could deliver everything we needed to our strict timescales. It’s a very valuable technology partnership,” said Dave Butler, Head of IT & Business Solutions UKIB at PUMA.


Kongsberg Digital acquires Danish maritime software company Coach Solutions 



Kongsberg Digital acquires Danish maritime software company Coach Solutions. Image: Pixabay
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COACH’s vessel performance monitoring system was developed by Danish shipping company Clipper Group and In 2016 was established as an independent company, COACH Solutions ApS. The company has grown rapidly, and its software currently has over 900 licenses running.

COACH supplies vessel operators, owners, pool managers and technical managers with a suite of tools for vessel performance, weather routing and noon reporting. COACH’s solutions allow its customers to optimize energy consumption and receive constantly up to date weather routing, making large economic and environmental savings from their operations. The software tools have a natural fit with Kongsberg Digital’s maritime portfolio, and the addition of Kongsberg Digital’s resources and global network will accelerate COACH’s growth.

“The strength of COACH Solutions’ product offering is evident in their rapid growth. Their ability to deliver solutions that address the most urgent needs of their clients demonstrates the team’s insight into the customers’ pain points and level of digital maturity. COACH’s software is highly complementary to the portfolio of maritime digital solutions we offer and will be of strategic importance in our further development”, says Hege Skryseth, President of Kongsberg Digital.

“Joining Kongsberg Digital is a fantastic step forward for COACH, so we can continue delivering business value to our clients. Kongsberg Digital has an unrivaled ability to unlock the value of digital data with its Kognifai intrastructure.  We in COACH very much look forward to joining the KONGSBERG family and be part of the journey of digitalizing the world fleet”, says Anders Bruun, CEO of COACH Solutions.

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Logistics & Supply Chain

Convoy and KeepTruckin partner on freight visibility integration




Convoy and KeepTruckin partner on freight visibility integration. Image: Convoy
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Convoy, the nation’s most efficient digital freight network, and KeepTruckin, the leader in fleet management technology, today announced a new technology partnership to help carriers simplify daily tasks and grow their businesses.

Convoy will integrate with KeepTruckin’s freight visibility API to access location data for en-route shipments—generated by consenting carriers in its network who use KeepTruckin’s Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs)—to provide additional visibility and eliminate the need for additional driver check-in calls. Carriers will have total control and must consent for their data to be shared between the two companies.

Convoy relies on its industry leading mobile app to track the location of a load. Carriers on a Convoy shipment turn on their mobile app prior to pick up, enabling GPS to identify their location throughout the trip and communicate progress towards an on-time delivery.

However, if the carrier’s mobile phone loses battery or if they enter an area with poor cell reception, GPS is unable to send precise location information to Convoy’s platform, requiring check-ins with the carrier to confirm the estimated arrival time.

Convoy and KeepTruckin’s freight visibility integration will provide a secondary location proof point to augment Convoy’s shipment tracking capabilities, using data from the carrier’s KeepTruckin ELD.

As a result, carriers in Convoy’s network who consent to share KeepTruckin data with Convoy will benefit from enhanced shipment tracking— eliminating check-in calls, and gaining the ability to manage their Convoy integration easily through the KeepTruckin platform.

This partnership also lowers costs for carriers by offering a 15% discount on KeepTruckin’s ELDs and other fleet management technology. KeepTruckin’s Electronic Logbook App and ELD system have more than half a million users nationwide. When compared to other fleet management vendors, carriers can use the newly offered discount to save up to $1,000 per year on each truck in their fleet.

“We are excited to kick off a strategic, multifaceted partnership with a fellow industry leader in KeepTruckin, starting with the integration of their freight visibility API and offering discounts on critical fleet management products,” said Brooks McMahon, VP of Partnerships at Convoy. “Ensuring carriers in our network have access to high-quality ELD devices, and powerful fleet management tools at reasonable pricing is core to our commitment to help carriers earn more with less hassle.”

“At KeepTruckin, we have a relentless focus on driver experience—it’s in our DNA,” said Jairam Ranganathan, SVP of Product at KeepTruckin. “We’re excited to create a best-in-class experience for carriers in Convoy’s network that gives them complete control over their data. We envision many opportunities in the weeks and months ahead to help carriers leverage their data to grow their businesses with a platform they’re already using to be compliant and with information that is already being generated. Now drivers can use that data for a competitive advantage—without any additional work besides opting in — to eliminate headaches, access more load opportunities, and make more money.”

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IPCSA launches the Network of Trusted Networks



IPCSA launches the Network of Trusted Networks. Image: Pixabay
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The International Port Community Systems Association launches the Network of Trusted Networks (NoTN) a new, secure port-to-port and cross-border data exchange solution.

An innovative new concept for enabling port-to-port and cross-border exchange of data is being trialled by the International Port Community Systems Association – in a two-year project covering up to 70 ports, ten airports and multiple inland terminals.

  • The purpose – to provide predictability, visibility and certainty within the supply chain.
  • The priority – to respond to the requirement of consumers and logistics companies for real-time, end-to-end information on their shipments.
  • The unique advantage – a trusted and neutral solution.

When it comes to providing this kind of cross-border solution, others have tried to deliver such a concept – but the key stumbling block is always ‘trust’. Where others are aiming to get direct users on board, IPCSA’s Network of Trusted Networks (NoTN) takes a different approach. NoTN users will be trusted, neutral platforms such as Port Community Systems, Cargo Community Systems and Single Window operators.

“It is a trusted network because it isn’t going to the ‘end user’,” says IPCSA chairman Hans Rook. “The user is already identified and authenticated by the network. The platforms will only share data that they are allowed to share by their user.

Thus the NoTN maintains the principle of commercial confidentiality, which is the cornerstone of Port Community System and Single Window operators.

“The benefits will be for the end-user. For example, if you have a shipment coming from Morocco into a UK port, you will be able to find out through your PCS whether your container has been loaded on the vessel, when it departed and when it is estimated to arrive in the UK port.”

The NoTN is being launched as a two-year proof-of-concept project, with 14 IPCSA members taking part in the pilot.

“IPCSA and its members has been considering how best to enable port-to-port and cross-border information,” says IPCSA secretary general Richard Morton. “We have clearly identified that not all the problems are technical. In fact, some of the biggest problems are legal agreements between parties.

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