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Sportswear giant selects Indigo WMS for new distribution centre

Global sportswear company PUMA has awarded Indigo Software a contract to implement Indigo WMS at the company’s new 13 acre Super G distribution centre in Glasshoughton in Yorkshire. When fully implemented, Indigo WMS will control the entire 261,000 sq ft warehouse process.



Sportswear giant selects Indigo WMS for new distribution centre
Sportswear giant selects Indigo WMS for new distribution centre. Image: Indigo Software

Global sportswear company PUMA has awarded Indigo Software a contract to implement Indigo WMS at the company’s new 13 acre Super G distribution centre in Glasshoughton in Yorkshire. When fully implemented, Indigo WMS will control the entire 261,000 sq ft warehouse process.

With over 40 years’ presence in Yorkshire and with a valuable and loyal workforce, it was PUMA’s priority to find a new distribution hub which would sustain its existing business and facilitate its exciting future growth plans. Super G is a facility that meets both these needs and allows it to consolidate the three previous warehouses used to manage the company’s wholesale operations.

To maximise efficiency, PUMA’s new distribution centre will include partial automation features integrated with Indigo WMS. An automated scanning system will record all inbound items upon arrival, before they are labelled, assigned to the correct location and moved. Stock items will be transported by automated conveyor to the labelling area, where a unique identifier is added to each unit, specifying the SKU, volume and putaway location.

All these processes will be driven through Indigo WMS, ensuring stock can be located instantly, space utilisation is optimised and pallets of orders can be assembled more quickly. Data will be captured automatically in real-time, so management will have an immediate snapshot of supply chain operations at any time.

PUMA will also be trialling voice picking, with the intention of using this technology to improve turnaround times on fast track replenishment orders for its most popular lines.

“We carefully reviewed our processes and considered a range of technology options, deciding that Indigo WMS was the best fit for PUMA’s long-term growth requirements and complemented our existing ERP system. We were also confident that Indigo could meet the precise implementation timescales and deliver on our logistics growth target,” said Darren Schofield, Head of Operations UKIB at PUMA.

As part of the project planning phase, Indigo conducted a full warehouse process review, to ensure that the technology being introduced would address PUMA’s warehouse business goals.

“PUMA’s new distribution centre is going to open up a new world of paperless warehouse efficiency, with fully integrated, semi-automated operations offering a full audit trail and the accountability to support many business improvements,” said Colin Hough, Director of Client Sales EMEA and Americas at Indigo Software.

Once live, Indigo WMS will give PUMA the following enhanced warehouse management capabilities:

• Mobile first solution with touchscreen control panels and advanced reporting;
• Full integration with automated conveyors and scanners;
• Use with multiphase VNA (very narrow aisle) semi-automated forklifts;
• New batch pick and sortation process for faster turnaround times;
• Dynamic pick faces to optimise pick speeds and support automated replenishment to any empty location;
• Carrier integration reducing dispatch lead times;
• Systematic packing process to increase customer put away efficiency, since replenishment orders are more accurately labelled;
• Perpetual Inventory stock counting, reducing disruption in the warehouse during stock counting cycles and minimising shrinkage.

“Indigo’s software is great but ultimately, it is all about the people. Early on in the project it was clear their consulting team were very highly skilled and could deliver everything we needed to our strict timescales. It’s a very valuable technology partnership,” said Dave Butler, Head of IT & Business Solutions UKIB at PUMA.

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New brand, new services for Jersey Post Digital



New brand, new services for Jersey Post Digital. Image: Jersey Post
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Jersey Post Digital has  announced its plans to adopt the trading name and brand, Vaiie. This new brand, together with new services, will place the organisation in a strong position to seize the current growth opportunities in the management of regulatory processes (RegTech) within the financial industry.

Jersey Post’s digital division has come a long way since its data-to-print roots, developing its services as the needs of the local market evolved. Having worked closely with the financial services industry during this time, it became clear that there were significant opportunities outside of this local market, and for the organisation to step away from any preconceived barriers imposed by its postal authority background.

This diversification led to the successful launch of Vaiie in Guernsey in April 2019, a joint venture with Guernsey-based communications and digital agency, TPA. This venture saw the latest digital processes and communication channels integrate effectively with traditional distribution techniques to optimise the speed, efficiency and cost of operational and marketing messages for clients located within the Channel Islands. Since April, the company has been successfully supporting financial services organisations to reduce costs and improve internal processes through the provision of three core services:

  • RegTech
  • Communication
  • Enterprise Portals

Tim Brown, Chief Executive of Jersey Post, said, “The introduction of Vaiie into the Guernsey market has been very successful. We have established ourselves as the largest data handler in the Channel Islands, and the Vaiie brand itself received fantastic feedback.  This enabled our global growth ambitions, and the next step in our digital strategy was to roll out this brand in Jersey where we will continue to improve our Channel Island offering, while also scaling this to meet the needs of other off-island jurisdictions.”

Along with the new brand and name, there is also a new website. However, what really sets the brand offering apart is the introduction of two new RegTech services which will increase the focus on solutions specific to regulated financial services businesses, and those businesses that have regulatory supervision.

  • Vaiie Client Onboarding enables a financial services business to use custom branded digital workflows to request, collate and validate the specific information they require from each client during the onboarding process. This solution allows teams to refocus their efforts on enhanced stages of due diligence, something which many businesses find difficult to achieve.
  • Vaiie Address Assurance can be built into Vaiie Client Onboarding or used as a standalone solution. It provides businesses with a simple, custom-branded portal that supports and accelerates the client verification process, saving businesses the time and cost involved with this important aspect of client onboarding.

Lee Bosio, Managing Director at Vaiie, stated, “Governance, Risk and Compliance represent some of the highest costs for financial services today, and we have worked hard to provide solutions that support each of these areas.  Not only do our services reduce high costs, centralise and overcome the burden of disjointed systems, but they also provide a seamless experience for both organisation and client. It’s an exciting time for digital services, and I’m delighted to be bringing this brand, its expertise and solutions to Jersey.”


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Whistl to offer semi tracked import service from 220 countries



Whistl to offer semi tracked import service from 220 countries. Image: Geograph/ Mark Anderson
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Whistl and One World Express have joined forces to offer eCommerce importers into the UK a tracked postal service, Insight, from 220 countries worldwide.

Under the agreement, eCommerce importers will be able to print one label for an individual item in the country of origin and track it through the various transit stages, including customs clearance. When Whistl receive the item in the UK it will be processed in the network and handed to Royal Mail for delivery to the end consumer.

Established in 1998, the then One World Express Group (OWE) started as a UK-based cross-border express carrier. Today, it has become a data-driven IT platform currently managing 10.000+ tariffs on behalf of its clients to destinations worldwide. In 2016 OWE started to extend its integration library, integrating with marketplaces like Amazon, eBay and Lazada and also various eCommerce platforms such as Magento, allowing its customers to manage orders from all their sales channels using a one-stop-solution through their technology platform “Smarttrack”.

Nick Wells, CEO Whistl, said:
“With the unprecedented expansion of the eCommerce industry globally and the rise of imports into the UK, consumers are looking for greater transparency on the delivery journey from country of origin to their home. Whistl is delighted that we will be working with One World Express to enable eCommerce importers from 220 countries to semi track every item they import into the UK before handover to Royal Mail via Insight.”

Atul Bhakta, CEO One World Express Group, said:
“By collaborating with the leading delivery management company in the UK, global customers who are importing into the UK, now have access to the experts who understand the importance of the customer experience from origin to handover to the consumer. We look forward to building our Insight relationship together.”

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More efficient access control system to Trelleborg harbor

Trelleborg is investing in digitalisation and new IT solutions.



More efficient access control system to Trelleborg harbor. Image: Hogia Terminal API
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As part of its work to become Europe’s best roro port, Trelleborg is investing in digitalisation and new IT solutions. In a project collaboration with Hogia, the port has introduced a fully automated solution for its existing gate-in process. With the new solution, the trucks can be in motion throughout the access control process. Drivers do not need to stop the vehicle and view ticket or admission documents, and you get a streamlined and uninterrupted entrance to the harbor. Not only does this prevent stagnant queues, but it also has a positive impact on both the environment and safety at the port and on the road network in connection with the port.

“We want to secure our future and continue to be the Baltic’s most climate-smart port, while delivering a great experience for our customers and their customers,” says Jörgen Nilsson, CEO of Trelleborgs Hamn AB.

The port of Trelleborg needed a way to handle increased traffic volumes more efficiently. There is limited capacity at the street, and there are often queues of trucks outside the port area. As a result, traffic in the area is blocked and emissions become unnecessarily high as a result of engines idling. With an automated gate-in solution, the port aims to make the driveway faster and smoother for its customers, which will have a positive impact on both the environment and traffic safety in the area.

In the past, the driver had to stop at the street, choose the language and read the ticket. This took at least 30 seconds. The new automated access control process takes less than 10 seconds. The port of Trelleborg has thus reduced the gate-in time by 66%.

“More than 2100 trucks pass through Trelleborg harbor every day. With our automatic gate-in solution, we have streamlined our access control process by 66%. We will be able to handle an increased flow of trucks with existing resources. This is important for us to continue to expand, ”says Nilsson.

The entire access control process is automated and takes place in real time. One camera approx. 20 meters from the street, the truck’s license plate reads automatically. The information is sent to Hogia’s Terminal Operations System (TOS), where it is evaluated according to a set of rules set by the Port of Trelleborg. There are a number of rules that must be met in order to drive in. For example, a booking must be registered with the truck’s registration number in the system, and the vehicle must not arrive at the port too soon or too late. If the information complies with the rules, the system allows the truck to drive in. A code is sent from the terminal system to the gate-in system, which immediately opens the barrier for entry. The truck can thus drive straight through the street without stopping.

“We have been working with Trelleborg Port on digitizing their gate-in process for several years. The process is now fully automated, and it is Hogia’s standardized API that makes real-time validation possible, “says Helena Svedlund, CEO of Hogia Logistics Systems AB.

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