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Tradebe Port Services acquires TWG Tanklager Wilhelmsburg



Tradebe port services acquires TWG Tanklager Wilhelmsburg GmbH. Image: Tradebe
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Tradebe Port Services, a leading hydrocarbon storage operator in Spain announces the acquisition of 100% of the share capital in TWG Tanklager Wilhelmsburg GmbH, a provider of chemicals storage tanks in the Seaport of Hamburg, Germany.

The Tradebe Port Services is part of the Tradebe company. With the acquisition of TWG, Tradebe Port Services expands its geographical presence into Germany and improves its services to its customers, as it can now store a broader array of products with a larger total capacity in two prime locations.

TWG was acquired from BDH Biodiesel Hamburg GmbH, an entity controlled by Dr. August Oetker KG. TWG is one of the few remaining independent bulk liquid storage terminal operators in the heart of the Port of Hamburg, the third largest port in Europe. The Company operates a depot of 14 storage tanks with a capacity of 34,500m3 employing eight people. Furthermore, TWG has a permit to expand the capacity by additional 40,000m3. The terminal is permitted to store class B hydrocarbons, chemicals and specialty chemical products. The facility is connected to a 9-metre drought jetty able to moor sea going vessels up to 230m length overall, the railway network as well as to the road via road tankers.

Mr. Josep Creixell, Chairman of Tradebe: “We are delighted with this acquisition as it allows to expand our storage terminal business in the strategic Port of Hamburg. This acquisition fits well with our strategy of providing a flexible and customized service to our clients and stakeholders, whilst enlarging the range of services into chemicals and specialty chemicals. Furthermore, the acquisition strengthens the presence of our Group in the German market, a key geography for our group’s growth strategy. We see very attractive opportunities to develop new projects in TWG.”

Dr. Heino Schmidt, CFO of Dr. August Oetker KG:” We are glad to have found a good new home for TWG Tanklager Wilhelmsburg. Tradebe Port Services is a strategic player, family-owned, and able to provide a good platform from which TWG Tanklager Wilhelmsburg will be able to grow and prosper. “

“TWG is an important building block for the universal port of Hamburg,” says Michael Westhagemann, Senator for Economics and Innovation of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg. “I am pleased that with Tradebe a new owner has been found who will keep the company and jobs and who would like to expand further at the location in the Port of Hamburg. This decision is based on the fact that a dynamic future awaits the Port of Hamburg that fits into the strategic direction of the company. ”

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Stolt Tankers to purchase five chemical tankers from CTG



Stolt Tankers to purchase five chemical tankers from CTG. Image: Pixabay
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Stolt-Nielsen Limited announced that Stolt Tankers B.V. has agreed to acquire five chemical tankers from Chemical Transportation Group for trading in the Stolt Tankers Joint Service.

The five ships, which are 26,000 dwt and with stainless steel cargo sections, were built in China in 2016 and 2017.  The purchase of each ship is expected to close between December 2020 and February 2021. Further terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Commenting on the purchase, Stolt Tankers President, Lucas Vos, said

“This acquisition is an excellent opportunity for Stolt Tankers to replace ships being retired in the next few years, lowering our fleet age profile with competitively priced ships that can trade in any of our deep-sea lanes. Newer, fuel-efficient ships help us reduce our carbon footprint while buying existing tonnage means capacity is not added to a market that doesn’t need it.  In a cyclical industry like ours, buying the right ships at the right price is the path to financial sustainability.  In the end, Stolt Tankers’ customers are the real winners in this deal, as these ships will support our proven platform that provides a high quality, reliable and flexible service offering.”

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H.ESSERS expands its services for multimodal transport of liquid chemicals with the acquisition of Tank Management



H.ESSERS expands its services for multimodal transport of liquid chemicals with the acquisition of Tank Management. Image: H.ESSERS
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Logistics service provider H.Essers announces the acquisition of the Norwegian-French company Tank Management, more than two years after acquiring tank container specialist Huktra. Tank Management specialises in multimodal transport services of liquid chemicals. With branches in Oslo, Le Havre, Milan and Rotterdam, their geographic coverage complements Huktra’s European presence. The further development of multimodal liquid bulk transport fits in H.Essers’ strategy of delivering integrated and sustainable logistics solutions to the hazardous chemical goods industry.

The Tank Management family business was founded in Oslo in 2006 and has evolved into a European specialist in the temperature-controlled transport of liquid loads, specifically for the chemical and food industries. The transport is mainly organised by rail, apart from short sea and road. The company is a multimodal player, with offices in Oslo, Le Havre, Milan and Rotterdam.
Tank Management has a turnover of 40 million euros, with 35 employees.  Its fleet consists of 800 modern ISO tanks capable of transporting liquids at different temperatures with a range going from -10° to +120°C. As with Huktra, all units are equipped with real-time track & trace. The temperature inside Tank Management’s fleet can be remotely monitored and controlled.

Strategic investment

The development of liquid chemical bulk transport is part of the long-term strategic plan of logistics service provider H.Essers. The company provides integrated logistics solutions to the chemical hazardous goods industry. This is a market segment with complex logistical challenges, stringent regulations and specific operating conditions (such as temperature control, safety and environment). H.Essers is concentrating increasingly on synchromodality: i.e. intelligently combining various modes of transport.

Huktra, a family business based in Zeebrugge and specialising in multimodal transport of liquid chemicals, was acquired at the beginning of 2018. This solid basis is now substantially further developed with the acquisition of Tank Management.

Geographical expansion

With this acquisition, H.Essers is greatly expanding the geographical footprint for liquid chemical logistics. Huktra already had branches in Belgium, the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy and Romania. The takeover of Tank Management has added France, the Netherlands and Scandinavia to the list.

With these additional regions, the service area is also being expanded. The multimodal transport range for liquid chemicals now extends throughout Europe, from Gibraltar to Moermansk, from Ireland to Urals, and beyond.

Portfolio expansion

H.Essers and Tank Management have joined forces, not only to expand the geographical scope of this specific logistics service, but also to enlarge the service portfolio. Tank Management is an innovative company developing customised supply chain solutions for the customers.

With this takeover, there will be an even stronger focus on temperature controlled liquids transport for the chemical industry. On top of this, Tank Management provides heated and cooled transport of liquid pharma goods and food products.

Joining forces

In H.Essers, Tank Management has found the partner to guide its operations into the next growth phase. “After the substantial growth Tank Management has recorded in recent years, it is now time for the next step,” is said by the families Nordbo & Philippe, the owners of the Norwegian-French company. “Thanks to the acquisition by a strong industrial player such as H.Essers, Tank Management will continue to excel in service, to grow and to expand its expertise in the coming years.”

H.Essers’ CEO, Gert Bervoets, also has strong confidence in the future. “The acquisition of Tank Management fits into our strategy of sustainable development of synchromodality within the chemical segment. It enables us to offer our customers a new way of managing transport flows, which are not only more efficient but, thanks to this approach, also more sustainable. It’s a win-win situation for all parties: customers, logistics service providers and our community”.

“Tank Management is a family business that shares our values”, Gert Bervoets continues. “As is the case in our company, safety and quality are paramount. As an example, material and equipment are renewed with a high frequency, to ensure that the operations meet the most stringent standards and strictest requirements. We are very much looking forward to welcoming our new colleagues into the warm-hearted H.Essers family and to shaping our future together”.

Industry of 100 million and 2,000 ISO tanks

The takeover was completed at the beginning of July. The current Tank Management directors will remain on board, as was the case with the Huktra takeover. The focus in the first phase is on the integration and consolidation towards one entity, specifically for conditioned liquids transport for the chemical industry. This entity represents a turnover of 100 million euros and a fleet of 2.000 ISO tanks.

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Labelmaster launches dangerous goods industry’s first digital community



Labelmaster launches dangerous goods industry’s first digital community. Image: Pexels
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Labelmaster announces the launch of the DG Exchange—the dangerous goods industry’s first digital community. The DG Exchange is an online community where supply chain and business professionals can share ideas, learn and collaborate in order to understand and navigate dangerous goods issues, challenges and trends.


Labelmaster, the leading provider of products, services and technology for the safe and compliant transport of dangerous goods and hazardous materials (hazmat), today announced the launch of the DG Exchange—the dangerous goods industry’s first digital community. The DG Exchange brings together supply chain and business professionals to share ideas, learn and collaborate in order to navigate dangerous goods issues, challenges and trends—empowering them to positively impact their businesses. The community offers a wide range of opportunities to:

  • Access insightful content and share resources
  • Attend educational events and training sessions
  • Engage with peers through open forums and other networking opportunities

“Shipping Dangerous Goods is complex and high risk, leaving professionals at various levels of organizations looking for information, searching to find answers to questions or simply trying to stay on top of the latest trends, challenges and regulatory changes,” said Robert Finn, vice president of marketing & product management, Labelmaster. “The DG Exchange is a one of a kind place where the entire supply chain can exchange ideas and information related to hazmat in order to improve supply chain performance, compliance, safety and profitability.”


The DG Exchange provides a range of opportunities for members to engage, learn and connect around the key trends and challenges impacting the dangerous goods industry.

  • Groups: Discover resources, members, events and conversations centered on key dangerous goods topics—regulations, training, lithium batteries, technology in the supply chain and supply chain management.
  • Events: Attend live virtual events throughout the year or view on-demand webinars on a wide range of supply chain topics.
  • Resources: Access articles, blog posts, infographics, podcasts and more to stay up-to-date on the latest DG issues, trends and best practices.
  • Forums: Engage with other members by asking questions and participating in ongoing discussions about specific hazmat-related topics.
  • Member Directory: Find and connect with community members located in specific regions of the world, who have specific areas of expertise or similar job roles or focus areas.


The DG Exchange was created for anyone involved in the dangerous goods supply chain. Whether your organization ships dangerous goods daily or only ships a few packages a year, the DG Exchange is a place where professionals at all levels of the organization can come to better understand the complex world of dangerous goods. In addition, your organization can gain valuable information, insights and connections to enhance business performance, improve operations, drive revenue and more.

Finn added, “The community is special because it’s the individuals involved in the dangerous goods supply chain who are driving discussions, sharing insightful content and collaborating with each other. As the community grows, so too will the industry topics that are covered, the resource content being shared and the volume of peers around the world with whom to connect. Ultimately, the community will provide the opportunity for members to better navigate critical dangerous goods issues and positively impact their businesses.”

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